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Unsigned flat-link, folded links, 1960s watch Steel band Bracelet for Seamaster 300 Omega Speedmaster


    New condition.

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260,00 €


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Please read this entire description carefully before you buy.

This sale is for one unsigned front clasp vintage steel watch flat-link folded links bracelet from the 1960s without end pieces, still. Preowned (shown in the center of the 2nd photo and it is the band attached to the watches in the other photos).

The unattached flat-link bands are original Omega vintage bands shown alongside for example only.


Please ask questions before you buy.

This stainless steel original vintage 1960s watch bracelet is compatible with Omega Speedmaster and Omega Seamaster 300 watches using 10mm opening original or aftermarket Omega 19mm or 20mm end pieces.

Last folded tails links'measure of the bracelet is 10mm.

Flat-link folded bands are popular for a good reason: The links conform to your wrist, light & flexing just a bit and making these extremely comfortable to wear, while appearing sleek and stylish.

The clean, simple look of one of these on a Speedmaster or SM300 just cannot be matched with modern bands.

The bracelet you are buying has a 17mm center clasp piece, so this band can work with many vintage Omega end pieces of the period. You will need to buy the end pieces separately.

Save yourself thousands of dollars with this option and get virtually the same look as the original Omega flat-link bands for Omega Speedmaster and Omega Seamaster 300 watches.

Omega flat-folded folded bands are usually rough and stretched or missing links when they rarely come up for sale; this vintage generic bracelet is in very good condition from the 1960s, since it was preserved in a wrapper all these years. 

Buying this band is also a great way to preserve your valuable Omega band by using this as a daily wearer with your Omega ends instead. The photos show this band with the 18mm Omega #6 end piece attached to the Omega Seamaster 300 from 1962 (ref. 14755) and the Omega #516 end attached to the Omega Speedmaster from 1968 (ref. 145022-68ST).

You can see that the generic band is nearly identical to the Omega 7912 (for the SM300) and the Omega 1039 (for the Speedy) shown alongside the generic band, which is the one attached to the watches. This unsigned band is also a close substitute for Omega 1035 bands.

The taper of the generic band is very similar to the Omega originals, as is the top finish, with a satin center row and polished accents on the edges. The clasp is 17.3mm wide and the links gradually flare out to 18.3mm wide at the end. The links are 1.92mm thick. Build quality is a notch up from the Omega bands.

The brick links of the generic are a bit heavier making the band weigh 34 grams vs. 31 grams for the Omega bands.

All the links are folded; like the original version, same size.

Original Omega flat-link bands just have a regular center link opening that the spring bar slides through, which can make the band a bit floppy. Some customers have also used the inexpensive later Omega #633 end pieces on generic flat-link bands they bought from us to connect to their 20mm lugs Speedmaster, but you need to lightly file the center connection pieces of the band or the end links themselves because Omega #633 ends have center openings closer to 9.5mm.

This is a good length bracelet that will fit many wrist sizes.

Fully extended the band measures 6 inches (15.5cm) and it sizes down to 5 1/2 inches (14cm) with the 6 incremental length adjustments in the clasp.

One link on either side of the clasp is easy to remove with spring bar pins that pop out, and you can unfold and remove more links from the back to make the bracelet even shorter. If you need a Long Version, message us before you bid for a quote for the extra links and installation.

The band you are buying is marked "Stainless Steel" on the back of the clasp.

We quickly sold out of a batch of more than 20 of this type of generic flat-link vintage watch bracelets last year, so don't miss out on this second, small supply.

They won't last long.

Buy with confidence.


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