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Welcome to Chrono-shop Website !

The World of Vintage Collector watches is evolving very fast, today is very difficult to obtain original parts and pieces.Time will come when these pieces will become priceless....

Some are out of production and others have been produced in limited quantity, with a specific number.A watch is relatively easier to find compared to its components, and we regularly offer vintage parts and accessories, now collection pieces, for your pretty watches.

This is where our work is.

For a few years now, our team has been in contact with several collectors and professionals in the watchmaking world. We discover news treasures and make other collectors benefit from them. Through eBay and other online websites, we work in collaboration with watchmakers and other experts to guarantee the highest quality of products and work.

Our philosophy is sample : maintain your watch rather than leave it to become only a souvenir or good for exchange, most collectors regretting having sold their watches after only a few months…

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Sito favoloso, la merce è arrivata puntuale grazie mille e al prossimo acquisto
Rhory Anthony
Arrived today, all good ! Sent from my iPhone
Ian Drewett
Ordered some Rolex bracelet links on Friday, they arrived at my house on the following Thursday. In Australia! Excellent...
merci d accuser réception de ma commande # 93250 sub

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