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Jaeger-LeCoultre Rare 70's N.O.S Vintage Satined Watch Solid Bipolished Bracelet 19mm Watch Polaris, Memovox

Hrd to find rare Collectable Jaeger-LeCoultre watch 19mm bracelet in steel jubilee links style from 70's.
Deployant clasp with Jaeger-LeCoultre logo "JL".

As new in excellent condition.

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1 700,00 €


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An Awesome vintage & genuine collectible 70's Jaeger-LeCoultre jubilee bipolished MEMOVOX, POLARIS watch bracelet in steel 18mm lugs.

★★ ★★ ★★ in excellent condition ★★ ★★ ★★★★

We have a look very vintage and very sport for this vintage watch bracelet (period : ~70's). 

The bracelet here is a stainless steel example, originally sold with a 1970 Jaeger LeCoultre Master Mariner. While this one was supplied with a Master Mariner, there was nothing about this bracelet that was unique to this model, and it is equally appropriate on any Jaeger LeCoultre with 19mm lugs from this period.

Looking back through the brand’s brochures from this period, the first appearance of this bracelet model was in 1967, and it was no longer pictured after 1976.

Its very substantial, chunky construction means that it is more suited to sports watches, and would look incongruous on a slim dress watch.


 D E S C R I P T I O N:
Collectible Sports wristwatch band signed Jaeger-LeCoultre .
Logo "JL" of Jaeger-LeCoultre embossed on top clasp cover.
The ends measure 19mm lugs (removable) and the center of the bracelet ~17mm large.

Links are oval, steel, massive type with bipolished finish on center.

Extremly well made, robust and superb.

The 19mm endlinks are removables, sold without fixing spring bars.
Perfect for Jaeger-LeCoultre watches vintages models Polaris, Memovox etc...range models 19mm lugs.

Stamped : STAINLESS STEEL (inner blades)

Very rare to fin a watch band Jaeger-LeCoultre bracelet in this stunning condition (seem new).

Watch band is massive solid and very comfortable.

Steel folding clasp bipolished finish, with links fixed on shield. 

HARD TO GET / Stopped in production. 


~16.5cm length

A point that should always be checked when buying a vintage bracelet, this one remains in full factory standard length, and has never been shortened in the past.

Its total length, with the clasp in its closed position, is 165mm, a dimension that should be able to easily accommodate wrists of modern large size. Of course, for those with less Colossian limbs, it will be possible be shorten the bracelet’s length considerably, either by adjusting it at the clasp, or with the removal of links.

Condition of this item is nothing less than superb, though we will hold back from describing it as being mint on account of there being the usual few tiny imperfections here and there in places that must be expected on any watch case or bracelet of this age.

Looking at this piece carefully under an eyeglass, it is reasonable to assume that it has only ever been worn carefully on a relatively small number of times in the past, perhaps by an owner who decided that he preferred the look of a leather strap on his watch and swapped over accordingly. Unlike so many vintage bracelets, there is virtually no wear discernable between the links here, and none of the excessive sideways play that is always the telltale sign of an example that has led a hard life.

The flush-fit end pieces are totally original to the rest of the bracelet and remain in excellent condition, with no denting or distortion whatsoever.

While one must be careful to only consider those in excellent, totally original condition, vintage bracelets must be among the easiest items to buy in terms of gauging their value.

The owner of an immaculate late 1960s or early 1970s Master Mariner, Memovox or other vintage Jaeger LeCoultre watch will increase the value of his timepiece by roughly £1400 /1700 € when fitting it with its correct period bracelet.

If the correct bracelet can be bought for less than this figure, he can buy confidently, knowing that if he sold his watch tomorrow, he will show a profit on this purchase.

For the private buyer looking for a matching Jaeger LeCoultre bracelet, the worth of this item is harder to judge, as many purchasers in this bracket will knowingly pay in excess of the value of the bracelet simply for the satisfaction of restoring their watch back to factory specification.

We have priced this bracelet at €1700 euros, which considering its extremely high quality, rarity and the comparative cost of even the most basic brand new Jaeger LeCoultre bracelet today, actually seems quite reasonable.

Good, genuine vintage bracelets by the top-tier houses are difficult to source now, and when this item has sold, we wouldn’t have the faintest idea of how to replace it in our stock.

Mint condition, seem as never used.

A collector ! Don' t miss it !



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